Rabu, 03 April 2013

I wanna share a part of me and what I'm interest of...

I'm lil' Fia
Cute right? hehe

This is my older sista Fira and I

Like twin ne? haha, Ok actually we are not sibling, I have no sister, just big brother, but many people said that we are look alike.. she is pretty but I so cute haha

I dont like to take some photo of mine, just sometimes :), but I love to be a photographer, I take photo, everytime and everywhere..

Let's check this out 

 I love this one

 and this one too :)

so amateur, right? I know, but I love it, I just used Hp camera, I have no digital camera or Slr, but still looks good ne (?)

That's photo of my hometown Medan, beautiful place of course :)

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